Reopening the Nurseries with Proper Precautions After the Nightmare of Covid 19

Life in most countries is coming back on track. Even the kids nurseries in Dubai are opening after adopting strict precautionary measures. The sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 was a nightmare for the human race but the menace is still not over but prestigious nurseries are all set to give a safe welcome to kids. It is everyone’s responsibility to take proper precaution so that the spread of this coronavirus can be curbed. Noted nurseries are considering the following safety measures -

    Wearing masks should be made mandatory in the premises - Parents, kids, teachers, supporting staff in the nurseries must constantly wear the masks. The parents must take necessary care because a mask is a new thing for kids. So, parents must arrange comfortable cloth masks. Very small kids cannot handle the masks due to risk of suffocation. Hence, the teachers must take special care. Kids should be asked to sit separately. 

    Arrangement of hand sanitizers - The kids should be taught how to use hand sanitizers and hand wash. Ask them to wash hands properly, especially before taking meals. In some reputed nurseries, the management is hanging big posters to impart knowledge. Apart from kids, the teachers, staff, helpers, cleaners should also take proper precaution. 

    Proper attention towards sterilization and cleaning - By giving necessary attention towards cleaning and sterilization, it is possible to prevent these infectious diseases from spreading. A good nursery in JVC Dubai like Dewdrops takes care of such concerns. All the areas of the nursery, from classroom, washroom, reception to common areas must be properly cleaned. Sanitization of furniture, chair, toys, doorknob and other items should be done with eco-friendly sanitizers. Prestigious nurseries do not use harsh and toxic chemicals. 

    Sick kids must stay at home - The sick kids must stay at home whether symptoms of  Covid-19 are visible or not. Some signs of Covid-19 are muscle and body pain, difficulty in breathing, headache, loss of smell, runny nose, etc. The parents must take appropriate care because “Prevention is better than cure.” students who are suffering from even mild fever and cold should not attend the nursery. The management must strictly monitor each student and check whether signs of any infectious illness are present or not. The best nurseries in JBR take necessary precautions. 

    Checking the temperature - In the noted nurseries, the management checks the temperature of staff members and kids through a digital thermometer. Such practices must be lauded. Staff members and kids with high fever must be sent back. If a kid suddenly falls sick, he or she should be immediately isolated. Parents of such kids should be immediately informed. Isolation rooms and facilities should be disinfected properly to avoid transmission of disease. Senior citizens and grandparents must stay indoors. Only young parents should come to pick and drop their kids.

Instructing kids to maintain social distancing -  The best nurseries in Sports City Dubai are now instructing kids to follow social distancing for sometime. The kids must be taught not to touch their nose, mouth, eyes, etc. Kids must be taught to maintain social distance.
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