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Managing the Preschool Classroom

Reactions to your students' behaviours and actions are an integral part of your classroom culture. Along with your interpersonal skills, it also covers how effectively you have set up your classroom's norms, practices, and procedures.

It is important to arrange your classroom using clearly defined learning centres to promote experiential learning and exploration. This is known as the classroom environment.

Classroom etiquette

Establishing reliable and consistent classroom routines at the Nurseries in JLT that are effective in early childhood education requires first identifying those routines. A well-managed classroom requires the establishment of several crucial routines, some of which are listed below.

  • 1. Typical Bathroom Routine
  • 2. Hand Washing Procedure
  • 3. Guidelines for Book Care Standard Procedure
  • 4. Regular Fire Drill Procedure
  • 5. The Habits of a Good Friend
  • 5. Cleanup Procedure
  • 6. Centres Customary
  • 7. Cafeteria Procedures
  • 8. Playground Etiquette
  • 9. Choosing Wisely Standard Procedure

To make it as simple as possible for you to successfully implement each of the above routines in your own classroom, detailed teacher instructions are included with each one. It is imperative to remember that it is never too late to establish procedures and routines in your classroom. Whether it's mid-year, end-of-year, or any other time of year, just get it done!

Ideas for Managing the Classroom

The visual picture schedule is among the best methods for maintaining order in any early childhood classroom. The secret to having firm management of the classroom in place is to have a visual picture timetable that you utilize and refer to often throughout the day.

There is a balance between both active and passive instruction in a well-run classroom. For instance, you should always pair an active activity, like music and movement, with a passive one, like reading aloud, during circle time.

Additionally, you should make sure that your daily schedule includes time for small groups. You can adapt your instruction to each student's unique needs in small groups

Chart for Classroom Management

A daily behaviour report or behaviour management chart is the one item you don't need for classroom management at any of the Nurseries in JBR. There are many different kinds of charts available, but none of them need to cost you money or effort. Rather, dedicate your time and efforts to creating those policies, procedures, and routines as well as creating a friendly and inviting learning environment in the classroom.

Class Incentives

Avoiding gimmicks like stuffing buckets and jars full of marbles or comfortable fuzzies to "motivate" your kids to participate in class parties is an additional method to save a tonne of time and money. Put an end to token rewards such as the chest of treasure and concentrate on creating those incredibly strong policies, practices, and guidelines.

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